Winter being the time for celebration, the Middle School celebrated the nuances of friendship,  companionship and team-bonding in the form of the Night Camp on 22 nd December where they  arrived at 4p.m in the afternoon and spent the night with friends and faculty in school.  After coming in, everyone assembled in the football field and played games. After such an  intense workout, it was soon time to indulge in some yummy snacks. Later in the evening, in  keeping with The Night Camp tradition and the Christmas spirit, a bonfire was lit where carols  were sung by the geckos. Cake cutting has always been a highlight of the festivities and this  year was no exception. Santa also joined in the fun. There was a general air of merry-making  and singing and dancing. The spirit of camaraderie was truly in the air.   Dinner soon followed where yummy food was served to the campers. After sharing a meal, the  campers continued to spend quality time together singing, dancing. The smiles that shone bright  on every face was the testament to the success of the camp.  The next morning dawned with new hope and positive vibes. The geckos started the day with a  yoga session, 2K Run and lots of excitement. The bout of sporty fun worked up an appetite in  our campers and breakfast followed. After breakfast, it was time to head home having spent a  brilliant time together with memories in their mind. Night camp this year was yet another  success.