The CBSE segment of The Gaudium School celebrated National Science Day in an inspiring manner through a special assembly organised on 26th February 2021. National Science Day is celebrated to commemorate the day on which renowned Indian Physicist Sir C.V. Raman discovered the Raman Effect.

The high school Science facilitators encouraged and ignited the scientific spirit within all. Ms. Sushmita Mishra, Biology facilitator commenced the assembly and reminded the audience about the great scientific heritage of India, and spoke about the famous scientists of India since ancient times.

The august occasion was graced by the guest speaker Mr. Sandeep Hamilton, Additional Director, AMD, Dept. of Atomic Energy, who is a renowned nuclear scientist of exceptional experience and holds numerous accolades and accomplishments to his name. His address to the students of The Gaudium instilled a passion and stirred a love for Science especially in STI or Science, Technology and Innovation which is also the theme for this year’s National Science Day. Mr. Hamilton advocated that learning should be fun as school education is one of the foremost platforms which develops the interest in Science in young children. The three virtues required in a scientist, according to him, were also a good takeaway for the students present in the assembly.

The science facilitators presented interesting anecdotes, fun facts, live demonstrations, and much more in the assembly. From enlightening on the importance of the day and the Raman effect to illuminating the students on the role of STI and how significant it is to inculcate it and develop scientific culture and thinking, the assembly was refreshingly innovative. Demonstration of interesting experiments by facilitators Ms. Sushmita Mishra and Ms. Surya Kumari kept the scientific spirit high and the session fascinating. Ms. Bindu Wariyar’s address highlighted how science has been able to achieve unimaginable feats in almost every aspect of life and this has been possible because of the curious nature of human beings. Ms. Shalini Singh Hamilton, revered Principal of CBSE, persuaded the geckos to identify their innovative streak and work towards it by pursuing their career in science.

It was indeed a very thought-provoking and knowledgeable assembly in which the main motive was to spread the message of the importance of Science in life and to inculcate a love for science and a curious spirit in the young champions of The Gaudium. The quiz was conducted for all the grades post the assembly which further encouraged the scientific temperament.


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