Exhibition is an opportunity to show student’s artworks to the community in an interesting and engaging way through the process of presentation, where students explore how to select and present artwork for the show, how to compose exhibition text for each piece, and how to write curatorial rationale.

On Thursday, 18th March 2021, the IBDP1 Visual Arts students of The Gaudium School, Hyderabad, curated a wonderful mock exhibition of their studio work so far which was inaugurated by Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy, President of Gaudium Sportopia in the presence of Ms. Shalini Singh Hamilton, Principal IB-MYP & DP, Cambridge and CBSE,  and Ms. Anjalika Sharma, Principal IB-PYP, teachers, students, parents and other members of The  Gaudium family. The purpose of the exhibition was to help plan for their final exhibition in March 2022. This ‘mock’ show was still bursting with creativity and showcased some real talent. Each higher-level student-curated 14 works of art from their current portfolio, aiming to demonstrate technical skills, conceptual qualities, and a cohesive body of work. Our young artists displayed a great range of media, from photography, drawing, painting to installation. This brilliant collection of work served as an exciting taster for their final show. Each student communicated their intentions to provide emotional or symbolic reasoning for each piece which allowed the viewers to form their own response. Students also presented a small documentary of their journey of art-making practice and the development of ideas. The viewers were enthralled with the conceptual qualities in the work of art which demonstrated how the imagery, signs, and symbols have been successfully resolved to realize the function, meaning, and purpose. The artworks demonstrated the effective application and manipulation of media, materials, and formal qualities. Finally, their curatorial rationale justified the selection, arrangement, and exhibition of a group of artworks within a designated space, as appropriate to stated intentions.