In India, the day 22nd December has been declared as the National Maths Day. The declaration was made by Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh. The Indian Mathematical genius SRINIVASA RAMANUJAN was born on 22nd December 1887 and died on 26th April 1920.It was in recognition of his contribution to maths the government of India decided to celebrate Ramanujan’s birthday as National Maths Day every Year.

Student Action and Learning: At the Gaudium, to mark the significance of this day, a game having different maths problems was conducted. Geckos from grades 4 to 7 were divided into 5 teams named after famous mathematicians Euclid, Pascal, Ramanujan, Aryabhata and Brahmagupta. The teams had to clear four levels within the timecap. The first level consisted of simple yet tricky problem. Of the 5 teams only 3 managed to move to the second round. In second level, they were involved in a fun matchstick activity. Ramanujan team was the first to reach third level where they were asked to count total number of triangles drawn in a big triangle. Surprisingly Ramanujan’s again answered it in few seconds and moved to the final level the trickiest one of all rounds.Once again the Brahmagupta’s answered were the fastest to solve the puzzle and became the proud winner of this event.

All the Geckos and teachers had a great time in the event. This event helped geckos to improve their mental math skills. It provided an opportunity to build logical, analytical skills and develops positive attitude towards maths. At Gaudium,it is believed that greater learning can occur through games due to the increased interaction between children. We encourage our geckos to participate in all events that involved enhancing their skill set.

Event Coordinators: Mrs. Sanjan, Mrs. Rashmi Rai and Mrs. Teena Murti.


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