As we had to introduce the letter ‘B’ to our geckos we organised a “BALLOON DANCE” activity to make the learning more interesting. Through dance and fun activities we make children come out of the limitations of their physical constraints by transforming attitudes to learning.The learning with fun and entertainment makes a person very comfortable to the new subject, it is very illustrious and elaborately explained.

STUDENT ACTION:The geckos enjoyed watching a ‘A/V’ on a rhyme “BINGO” and have danced with a balloon. They got introduced to the letter “B” in a distinctive way. The geckos enjoyed dancing vigorously and did actions flowing with the lyrics of rhyme. They demonstrated the attitude of curiosity and asked many questions. They brainstormed and expressed their interest in learning and shared the words starting with letter “B”.

LEARNING OUTCOME:The geckos are able to identify the letter “B” and also the words starting with it. The geckos also have sung the rhyme “BINGO” and understood the phonetics of different alphabets in it, however the facilitator stressed on the letter “B”. The geckos acquired enormous knowledge on sounds of alphabets and how it helps them form a meaningful word.

FACILITATOR: Nursery teachers.


Some moments from the event: