As the POI topic being “FARM ANIMALS”, the geckos were told about different insects as well.

STUDENT ACTION:Little geckos tried their hands in no bake desserts. The POI topic concept introduced honey bee to the geckos and were narrated a story on audio visual on how honey bees gather the honey from various flowers. In regard to this, geckos made honey tarts in school.Geckos enjoyed making and eating honey tarts, they made it with biscuit and honey. They enjoyed the crispy and crunchy biscuit with honey topping.

LEARNING OUTCOME:The geckos have learnt how the insects made food for humans. As the “POI” topic being “FARM ANIMALS” they got introduced to insects as well and acquired information on how they appear and make food for us. They learnt with fun and enjoyed eating the honey tarts.

FACILITATOR: Play group teachers.

EVENT COORDINATOR:Mrs Tahseen Sajjida.


Some ‘delicious’ moments: