The Geckos of Gaudium celebrated National dog day in the campus. The stray dogs adopted by Gaudium family “Happy and Lucky’ were brought to the assembly. Kids also had a chance to meet and interact with a pedigree dog “Brandy (dachshund)”. During the assembly discussion they came to know that how much time, money and effort it takes to have a pet dog at home. They also learnt about the conditions stray dogs are left in large numbers all over the city and how a small amount of affection and care can change their living conditions. We also talked about the possibilities of adopting these dogs and
giving them a home and a family rather than buying pedigree dogs. It was a great way to teach children about responsibility, love, compassion towards the dogs. It was an interactive session where the geckos learnt how they can pet and treat the animal safely as the kids patted them fed them and also took the pledge to be empathetic towards the dogs.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers & Mrs. Pooja


Some highlights: