Ignited imagination skills will help people set their mind free and dive into different worlds of their choices and interests that might be unknown, mysterious or funny. Acquiring  imagination skill is important as it enhances creativity. The planning, scripting and making of video games, cartoons and stories require high amount of creativity and imagination. Digital stories impress children as they have sound, animation and many more tools being used. It is a visual treat to children. Whereas storytelling and narration are deprived of these tools. The narrator’s voice modulation, voice clarity and expressions and body language are the tools here. The sound, animation, setting, atmosphere, feelings, etc, are conveyed through appropriate vocabulary and different  types of sentences.

Children should be read out stories from a young age. When it comes to school, at the Pre-primary level, storytelling is used as one of the teaching methodologies. Through stories or storytelling, concepts are taught. At The Gaudium, the geckos of Nursery are exposed to stories regularly as storytelling is a very effective and interesting method of making children understand morals, values and abstract concepts like: respect; love; affection; kindness; friendship, etc. Stories help teachers and parents to expose children to real world scenarios. The geckos of Nursery had an invaluable storytelling session, ‘Mystery Reader’ on 19 July at the campus.

Seeing a new person telling stories gives an opportunity to understand how differently a story can be told. In the Mystery Reader’s storytelling session, the geckos firstly enjoyed the distinctiveness of the reader’s voice modulation and actions. Secondly, the very idea of connecting with someone new, other than their facilitator fascinated and encouraged them to listen and learn. Inviting Mystery Readers into the classroom added variety and exposed the learners to other readers whose story telling style was different from that of the facilitator’s; it built excitement, as the geckos did not know who the reader would be?

Our mystery readers, Ms. Shwetha Singh read out the story, ‘Three Little Pigs’ and Ms. Saima Abrar Khan,‘The Red Hen’. They read out the stories with the required stress, pitching, voice modulation and actions that the stories became more enjoyable for the geckos.

Learners were quite principled and curious during the story session. They sat through the session with enormous enthusiasm which enhanced their listening, imagination and social skills. It was a thoroughly enriching experience for the geckos and the facilitators of Nursery.

At the end of the session, the little geckos thanked Ms. Shwetha Singh and Ms. Saima Abrar Khan for the enticing story session.


Some highlights: