The greatest wealth is health! 

The famous Roman poet of satire, Marcus Valerius Martialis, had once rightly mentioned that life is not merely being alive but being well.

The geckos of PP2 are currently learning about the importance of one’s overall well-being. We all strive for the happiness of our mind forgetting the fact that our hard work would be in vain if our body is not equally happy. To build a body that is healthy and flexible, we need to follow a  balanced diet and regular exercise. Inculcating healthy food habits and hygiene practices at a young age can create a healthy generation, thereby a healthy nation. To put across and reinforce the importance of a balanced diet and regular exercise to the PP2 geckos, the Sports Manager of The Gaudium, Mr. A Balaji took a session for them on 18 June. It was an interactive session in which actions and songs were used as the media.

The session began with a demonstration of a few basic exercises that everyone should practice regularly. Mr. A Balaji demonstrated the same exercises in a fun way with the ‘watermelon song’. Followed by this was a discussion on ‘What makes us healthy?’. The inquisitive geckos participated in the discussion enthusiastically and wholeheartedly. They inquired in much detail about everything that they can do to be strong, flexible and healthy. Mr. Balaji made the discussion intense and very fascinating for the geckos by showing them fruits and vegetables that they should not skip including in their meals. He explained what a complete and balanced diet for a child is and what is the importance of following it.

Through these interactive discussions, the geckos understood what the functions of protein, carbohydrate and other nutrients in our body are. The discussion was wrapped up with a simple demonstration of exercises that help us to rejuvenate our body:  as we wake up in the morning –  after a long rest, these exercises would help the body to facilitate a smooth transition from the long rest to action.

It was truly a highly informative and helpful session for the geckos who had got the opportunity to engage in the knowledge sharing session which took the inquiry to its next level. As a token of gratitude, our young ones offered a ‘Thank You’ card to Mr. Balaji.


Some pictures: