Every hero has an inspiring story

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” – Christopher Reeve

Everyone has a person he or she looks up to. For some it may be an individual who is famous, whereas for others it might be someone who they’ve known on a personal level. Either way, it is the admiring qualities in these individuals that make us to look up to them.

The Grade 2 geckos had the privilege of meeting a young guest speaker, Mr. Jasper Paul, a full-time social worker and founder of an NGO called ‘The Second Chance’ that caters to the dying, abandoned, destitute and the homeless.

Mr. Jasper shared his inspiring story of how he had met with a horrific car accident where he remained completely unharmed. He believed that his existence in spite of what had happened to him was a ‘second chance’ at life. He began to value and see things around him very differently after this near-death experience. Right after the accident, at the age of 19, he saw an old, sick woman lying down on a street on a cold and rainy day. She was unable to move because of the lack of proper self-care. Mr. Jasper decided that he could not look the other way and not help this old woman. He took her to the nearest hospital and made sure that she was treated. He then took her to his home where he continued to provide care. This woman was 99 years and was rescued by a 19-year-old! The Telugu newspapers had released articles of this rescue, which had enabled her family members to be reunited with her again.

It was then that Mr. Jasper had realized his calling in life – to serve the abandoned and destitute and show them love and give them the appropriate care they required. Mr. Jasper is 24-years-old today and is still doing what he started at the age of 19. He has set up 3 homes at different locations and is presently catering to 150 abandoned people.

Mr. Jasper had also shared transformation pictures of the people in his rescue home – from being skin and bones to healthy, happy, beautiful and transformed souls because of the love, affection and care given to them. Mr. Jasper shared with the 2nd Graders how they can be a hero in their own little way. He gave an abbreviation on the term hero as:

H- Helpful  ; E- Excellent  ;  R- Responsible  ; O- Obedient

He talked about how each one can be a hero to someone by acting responsibly, being helpful and obedient to elders – doing nothing but the best in the form of help. He also touched on points like how we can keep our surroundings clean by acting responsibly, by  not littering. The geckos were inspired by the stories and life experiences shared by the guest.