Surrounded by technology which is a very important part of all our lives, we have various devices that are programmed to help us with everything in our daily life. Everyone is curious these days about programming, speaking about which, our MYP1 students are very curious to find out more on the matter.

In a unit, the students were given the challenge to animate something using coding. It could be their names, a favourite pet or even a video game. They learned that most computer programmers work in groups to build programs and hence they chose to communicate with peers in small groups in class and explore new ideas from each other.  Students were introduced to the Scratch block-based programming environment through the web-based interface. Each student practised the basic features of Scratch to create an animation.

The students begin to follow the design cycle as a process to create an innovative product that defines themselves. They contemplate on sharing about themselves through this digital platform. As a result, they delve deeper into their own lives and come up with a product that speaks for them. The process lets them empathize, share effective feedback to their peers based on the products created by them.

Learning a new language is pretty challenging at times, but as ‘Risk Takers’ our students show perseverance throughout this process. It is truly exciting to see how fearless each one of them is about trying new things and to become a collaborative community, excited to share and learn together.


Some pics: