The advantages of interactions with parents and teachers is vital when it comes to understanding the students’ needs, performance, issues which might be hindering the progress, and opens up pathways on helping the student do better and access him/herself in a more clarified manner. This face-to-face connection (even though virtual now) brings about a personalized individual attention on each and every student.

Connecting with the parents of CBSE Board exam appearing 10 Graders is even more crucial since these students are at the crux of appearing for a very important examination in their life. They need to be motivated and stay focused so that they can consistently prepare well and perform excellently in the Board exams. Thus a Con-Connect was organized for these geckos of Grade 10, CBSE on 17th, 18th and 19th August 2020 where all the subject teachers were together in this common platform to speak and discuss with each and every Grade 10 student’s parents.

The parents were communicated with a time slot to join the online platform, where all the subject teachers were there to connect. They discussed individually and analytically on every child’s progress, development and areas of improvement with their respective parents.  The communication helped the parents to be mindful and observant about their children’s performance and also overall development as a human being. They worked out viable solutions together based on observations and discussions. The teachers praised the efforts of the students and also the support from the parents, while the parents applauded such endeavours taken by the teachers and the school. We believe such constructive engagements with parents and students will help the class of Grade 10 in outperforming themselves academically in the Board examinations!


Key highlights: