As a part of an inquiry in ‘Human Organisation, ‘Mock Parliament’ was conducted for grade 4. It was an exercise meant to educate the younger learners about the functioning of the Parliament. The main agenda for this event was ‘The issues of Telangana State’. Geckos of grade 4 took the perspective of Members of the Parliament. They engaged themselves in collaborative discourse and argumentation. They focussed on representing the ruling and opposing view point. They raised issues related to state and the school. The situation, the problems that needed to be resolved and the strategies for the solution were discussed. Members posed questions.

Activities as such allow the students to articulate their thought processes and prompt them to give a response to any open question. Advantages include developing students’ abilities to think holistically and critically. It displayed their oratory skills and portrayed their critical capacity for inquiring and reflection of Parliament and governance.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


Some key highlights: