Grade 1 had a scheduled Guest Lecture given by Mrs.Archana on the topic related to Photosynthesis from Unit V – Sharing the Planet . Geckos of Grade 1 had an interactive session and were actively involved and learnt the importance of photosynthesis explained by Mrs.Archana.
She explained due to heat of sun, plants prepare food with the help of water and air.

Then she related all examples to introduce term “Photosynthesis”. She explained Photosynthesis process and also explained term photosynthesis – Photo is a Greek term means light and synthesis means a mixture of water, air and soil. Plants prepare food by process called photosynthesis i.e. from sunlight, air, soil and water.

She gave basic knowledge on green colour pigment of the leaves.  She concluded her lecture by showing videos on Photosynthesis.

Facilitator: Mrs. Archana Reddy


Some key highlights: