Teaching the alphabet is foundation for reading and writing. Learning the alphabet and correct sound of each alphabet is very important at early childhood. Some kids catch onto learning letters very quickly and others need more repetition and time learning letters.One way to keep your alphabet learning enjoyable is to include different joyful activities.  Also kids this age learn best through play.  They don’t need fancy flash cards or loads of worksheets.  They need a variety of activities to stimulate their brains and to reach them the way that they learn best.

To introduce the kids to upper case letter ‘W’ and the phonic sound; we planned a watermelon party. The learners were very excited and enthusiastic to be part of it. To list out more words starting with this sound, the facilitators kept a condition that the watermelon will be divided only if each kid will come out with one word starting with ‘W’ sound. We were amazed to see that the Geckos used their thinking skills and came up with many words like; whale, wet, wave, watch, witch etc. Further, they enjoyed the party by sharing the watermelon slices with each other.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


Some key moments: