Every unit ends with a summative assessment where the geckos are assessed on what they learned and attained from the unit. Assessment of every gecko is a continuous process which is collected through different formative assessments and one summative assessment in every unit. In this unit geckos were given the task of organizing a science fair as part of their summative assessment. Geckos started preparing for the SA right from day 1 of the unit. They analyzed and tried to understand every experiment and started preparing themselves presentable for the SA. As a part of the SA geckos were divided into 8 different groups. The groups were randomly selected using chits. The kids started preparing where each group discussed the topics, prepared charts, included the main points in the chart, pictorial representations of various experiments were included etc. All these activities helped us in assessing their leadership, planning, organizing, time management, decision making, and writing, explaining, relating, and comprehending skills. They were also assessed on the basis of their performance in a group as a group member. Their chart works, pictorial representations, explanations, ability to conduct the experiments etc were different tools used to assess them. They were also assessed on the basis of their usage of resources. On the day of SA they arranged their class into various counters and presented their science displays. The geckos were confident and enthusiastic on the day of their science exhibition.

Some photos: