Trees are as much important to our life as food and water. Trees give us life directly and indirectly as they are source of oxygen production, Carbon dioxide consumption and source of rain. They are most precious gift to the humanity on the earth from nature for which we must be grateful, give honour and preserve for the mankind wellness. We should understand importance of trees in our lives and do our best to save trees in order to save life, save environment on the earth and make earth a green earth.

Educating children early in their life about environment protection can bring about a change in their outlook and make them aware of their duties to conserve nature. Our PP1 geckos who inquired about plants from various aspects understood the importance of plants. They understood that plants’ importance is not limited to food and timber but it’s much more. If there are no plants on earth and if we don’t save the trees, the earth will suffer the consequences of deforestation through global warming and air pollution. Hence, after becoming knowledgeable about these facts our geckos were worried that how to tell others in the world and save the dear trees. So the geckos decided that conservation rally is the best idea wherein we can educate lots of people in less time.

The geckos went on a conservation rally and created awareness among people in the school by shouting slogans and displaying the posters and placards made by them. They showed lot of enthusiasm while shouting slogans like “SAVE TREES SAVE YOUR FUTURE”, EACH ONE PLANT ONE”. They all showed lot of confidence while interacting with the people how plants are really important and we should plant more and more trees. Further, they sang a planting song and performed a beautiful dance with the message to plant more and more trees instead of cutting them.

Our geckos thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt proud of themselves for the kind initiative they have taken to conserve the plants.


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