Learning outcome: To learn about natural resources and DIY (making pots)

Pottery is a fun activity with Dexterity, hence to add a practical experience to our current inquiry our Grade 3 Geckos were taken to a pottery making professional in a nearby community, to participate in pottery making activity. After observing the process which was demonstrated by the potter, who guided our Geckos through the pot making process, each and every child there were amazed at the pieces of creative pots lined up for observation.

The Geckos participated in this activity with enthusiasm. Their hand-eye coordination, engaging their arms and hands muscles, was seen to be in synchronization with the pottery wheel. This wheel was fixed right in front of our eyes. Then a piece of clay was put on it and it was rotated using a stick. Their hands were dipped in water and the required shape of the pot was created.

We had noticed that pottery making is a soothing activity which has improved their creativity skills and their ability to visualize in a three-dimensional model with better spatial awareness to create a proper shape. Could there be any other activity as skilled as ‘Pottery’, connecting to nature, appreciating the value of mud and clay, influencing and improvising any child’s self-expression, confidence, imagination, and creativity blended into a fine piece of art? Our Geckos were happy to see the final product, i.e. the masterpieces of their creation ‘The Pots’!


Some fun moments: