Getting dirty and playing in mud has enormous benefits in all areas of child development. Clay activities can captivate a child’s interest for hours meanwhile promoting fine motor skills, creativity and sensory development through the basic sensual responses of sight, touch and smell. As our geckos are learning how to express themselves using various mediums like paint, clay, crayons, manipulatives, Rangoli etc., our inquiry into colours and patterns in nature is taking wonderful turns each passing day. To further promote their learning experience, we took our geckos to the Gaudium Pottery studio where each gecko made a small pot with the help of the potter. They later carved it with the patterns using twigs giving it their personal touch. The kids were very enthusiastic making their own pot and gained a sense of self confidence by appreciating self-made pots. There was no better moment for us than witnessing our children’s joy as they sat at the potter’s wheel for the first time and placed their wet hands on slowly spinning clay! The soothing effect of the clay gave our children a wonderfully calming experience. These kinds of concrete three-dimensional experiences are packed with a great deal of potential for thinking, exploring and reacting to the world around us. We engage our geckos in such activities to help them involve in observation and participation with peers and adults which results in active learning. It also allowed our geckos to gain confidence and self-expression as they explored and analyzed their work. The event also opened arenas for communication of ideas and feelings of the geckos while developing their thinking.


Key highlights: