The geckos of pp1 had a wonderful hands on activity as part of their extended classroom learning. Through the eyes of our geckos, much of the natural world seems magical. But there is nothing quite as magical for little learners as watching the plant life cycle pop. For this activity, the venue was our gecko’s favourite place, our classroom backyard. Our geckos were so excited when we first gave a hint of the activity. They asked the facilitators what they are going to sow. Many Pre-primary activities which involve all the senses can contribute to a fruitful learning. Likewise, this activity was so relishing as planting seeds is a fantastic scene and is always a lot of fun with the pre-school children. Children always love anything to do with seeds and plants. Not only it is super fun to plant your own seeds and watch them grow, but it provides all kinds of learning opportunities. Throughout this activity, the geckos were articulative as they asked many questions to elicit information. The Facilitators along with the kids enjoyed the activity as this gave way for a good brainstorming session. This was an amazing experience for the geckos where they inbuilt the trait of being responsible for what they sow. In some instances, children were clinging to the words like “My seed “My seed”. Not only getting connected to the classroom learning, the geckos became knowledgeable about what are the essentials that one would need while sowing the seeds. In this activity as per the facilitator’s instructions, the geckos have made 3 different divisions on the backyard and sowed the seeds in them. In the first division, the geckos were instructed that this area would be well-taken care, in the second division this area would not be well-taken care. Finally, in the third division, this area would be totally ignored. This activity will enhance the observation skills among the geckos. This activity would remain memorable for the geckos and facilitators. The geckos were curious about the seeds that they sowed in the backyard. They always wanted to keep tracking around every time their mind hints them about the activity. There’s just something so special about caring for and nurturing a little piece of life on our planet! This event was made even grander through elongated conversations with the facilitator in the classroom after the activity was done.


Some highlights: