Reading is an integral part of connecting newer ideas to our learning process and our inquiry. Reading can help any learner overcome any difficulties in his or her learning process. At The Gaudium, we encourage the geckos to be lifelong learners who know how to acquire knowledge and in this mission, libraries and the habit of accessing library resources play an important part. So, to encourage young geckos to approach the library and the librarians, we celebrated the National Librarian’s Day with them.

12th August is celebrated in India as the National Librarian’s Day in remembrance of the celebrated national professor of Library Sciences, Dr. S R Ranganathan, who had spearheaded the development of Library Science in India. We paid our homage to Dr. Ranganathan and his contribution to the development of libraries in India through a beautiful celebration.

The geckos found out more information about library science and reference books through a personification role play put up by some of the older geckos from higher grades. The teachers from various departments also explained the use and the methods of usage of various reference books to the geckos. This activity did turn out to be extremely informative and the geckos were able to learn a lot of the nitty-gritties of how to use various reference books like atlas, encyclopedias, directories etc. They were encouraged to come and explore the library and use its resources to enhance their learning and inquiry.

Learning Outcome: the geckos learned about the Librarian’s Day and the significance of the day as well as how to approach and use reference books in the library.


Few highlights: