“Nutrition isn’t just about eating. It’s about learning to live” – Patricia Comptton

Healthy habits teach us about nutrition and hygiene. Children are influenced by their surroundings and it is important to start early education in this area considering the fact that children develop habits at a very young age. Any habit can be hard to break, so the earlier we introduce healthy habits to them it is more likely that they will imbibe them for years to come.

During this inquiry, the geckos were enlightened about various aspects of health and hygiene at school. They were emphasized to maintain balanced diet, physical exercise and hygiene etiquette that will promote good health of a person. They understood how to maintain oral hygiene. Geckos were told the ways to maintain their hygiene which includes brushing teeth, toilet hygiene, washing hands.

We also discussed ways of keeping our mind healthy and various healthy voice habits while engaging the children in a guest lecture by our music and dance facilitators. Geckos understood the importance of Dance and Music, sleeping, laughing, exercising etc. for the body and mind.

All this learning was well presented by our tender kids when they performed in an Awareness Campaign to educate the rest of the pre primary geckos about healthy habits. Our tiny  geckos displayed a variety of chart work which consisted of healthy food, junk food, healthy habits they follow throughout their day, oral hygiene depicted through happy tooth and sad tooth, in front of the school. Each one communicated confidently while sharing their knowledge about the topic, central idea and the importance of healthy habits. They were asked different questions about healthy food, junk food, healthy habits and our tiny geckos were very confident and enthusiastic in speaking to the school. Geckos wrapped up the presentation with a beautiful song on healthy habits, which indeed created awareness among other geckos as well.


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