Developing teamwork skills is one of our learning objectives. Keeping this in mind, Grade 1 Summative Assessment task was designed through a group activity. This helped the teachers to evaluate the groups in different ways. The Geckos were divided into 5 different groups as below;

  1. Show and tell (The geckos reflected on their understanding, and spoke about it).
  2. Skit (The geckos enacted a skit on their level of understanding on the topic wellbeing).
  3. Physical fitness centre (The geckos discussed about healthy and unhealthy food, daily routines and habits, importance of physical activities like aerobics, Zumba, yoga).
  4. Cooking without fire (The geckos made yummy quick and healthy snacks, and spoke about adulteration of food.).
  5. Wellness centre (The geckos spoke about balanced diet, food pyramid, digestion, hygiene).

Their presentation, communication and social skills were assessed during the assessment. The team collaboration helped us to understand how geckos shared their responsibilities and how cooperative they were while working in a group.

Objective: Developing teamwork skills


Some highlights: