Kenneth Arrow, the economics Nobel prize winner in 1972 was bestowed with this prestigious prize for his model on learning by doing. The concept entails that through practice and self-perfection one’s productivity is enhanced. The students align with the same concept of practised learning by doing. IB curriculum leans on the nine conceptual pillars. The contents merely succour its (concepts) establishment. The students of DP Year 2 as a part of class activity thus took up self-learning of concepts through exploring contents. They inspected the demand-supply model, how it affects the day to day lives and above all how the concepts situate themselves in it. The peer-reviewed group presentation held up the students’ communicative skills: to project their ideas through and across various platforms and audiences respectively. The presentation also backed the students with effective presentation skills, taking up questions after sessions and coming up with prompt solutions to those. The students also assimilated the concept-content model with real-world issues through this activity.