Participants: Grade 3

Date 4 February 2018

Learning Objective: To create awareness about conserving natural resources

Workshop leaders: Mrs. Teena

Location: Kudikunta Lake

Our Geckos were part of a community event on account of world wetlands day. Grade3 Geckos were taken to Kudikunta Lake, Kondapur for restoration and conservation efforts. Their participation in this initiative helped them in their front loading of the next inquiry- ‘Earth resources’.

We were accompanied by Ms.Kalpana and Mr.Sravan who work for conservation of one of the natural resources i.e., water bodies. We started the event with a walk around the Kudikunta Lake. Geckos were guided by Mr.Sravan to aid them with their observations at the lake”.

Grade3 Geckos were explained that in 20th century Hyderabad was called as “city of lakes”. In 1970’s Hyderabad had over 3000 lakes but only 50% of the lakes have either dried or encroached, which was the prime cause for wide range of reasons such as reduction of natural lakes, decline of ground water levels, rise in temperature, and water logging in monsoon season .

They were told that few lakes were built by Nizam for protecting Hyderabad city from flooding, while few lakes were connected to each other i.e, if one lake is full then water could flow to another lake.

Geckos were shown vegetation found in the wetland and were given clear description about them. Geckos were explained that wide range of plant species such as grass, shrubs and trees grow in wetlands and were shown castor oil plant where they described about the plant. They were told that Castor oil is a vegetable oil which can be obtained by pressing the seeds of castor oil plant. Geckos were also informed that Castor oil plant has berries that are used for pharmaceutical purpose. They were also shown and explained about a plant named Pistia, which is called as water cabbage, and is a mosquito breeding habitat.

Our Geckos were explained that wetland occurs naturally with vegetation of aquatic plants and water found in the wetlands is fresh water. Geckos learned about waves in water which depicted the flow of water in the Kudikunta Lake. This awareness campaign is also connected to one of our previous inquiry topic “Migration”. Our Geckos could observe various migratory birds in the lake like dragonflies, butterflies, and tiger butterflies. They were also explained that tiger butterflies are sensitive towards plastic and if human beings do not stop using plastic, the tiger butterfly might also join the list of extinct butterflies.

Later, Grade3 Geckos enacted a Hindi play “Save water, Paani bachao”. This play was showcased during awareness campaign “if we do not save water now, our future generations will suffer from scarcity of water”.  All the Geckos were explained the measures to be taken to reduce wastage of water. Geckos also actively participated in the street dance during the awareness campaign. This street dance on ‘nadi bachao’ was highlighting conservation of earth resources i.e., water for future generations.

Finally, our host Ms.Kalpana and Mr.Sravan planned a short quiz session for our Geckos. They actively participated in the quiz session by answering their questions.

With this awareness campaign, our Grade3 Geckos developed profile caring and were responsible towards the society and developed social skills through the event.

It very interesting to see the commitment that our Grade3 Geckos had in portraying their skills to conduct the awareness campaign.

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