Summative assessment was framed to focus and justify the central idea. Under the theme ‘How we express ourselves’, geckos expressed stories in different ways. As a part of the Summative Assessment, Grade3 Geckos performed different tasks such as creating a story board, role play and digital storytelling.


Under this Geckos were divided into five groups. Each group was given one type and a cue to start the story. Each group imagined one scene, expressed their thoughts through a drawing and then passed to the next group which had to continue the story based on first scene, by drawing the next scene. This was how a complete story was framed by our Geckos. This task clearly helped us to assess their thinking skills, team work and helped their imagination to grow. Later when each group got their stories back, they analyzed the complete sequence and framed the story digitally through the software ’Story jumper’.

They prepared for different ways of presenting stories in three languages such as Hindi, Telugu and French. Geckos presented their acts in 3 languages in front of our grade 4to9 geckos at our Kollur Campus. As they got involved in the inquiry of stories, we could observe drastic change in presentations given by our Geckos.

Next they expressed different genres of story through role play in 3 different languages.

Hindi Language

Our Geckos thought out of the box about the way they involved the main characters in the story, their own way of writing or drawing script of the story, narrating story, and so on. Our Geckos spent more time on creating different types of stories, which helped our Geckos to develop their creative skills and thinking skills. It was impressive to see our Geckos travel an extra mile in delivering few pages of Shrirama Katha descriptively by enacting the roles of Lava and Kusha. This mythological story was presented in Hindi Language by our Geckos.

As our Geckos learned different ways of presentinng different types of stories, they presented themselves with ease in front of the audience. Our Geckos enacted the epic Ramayana.  This story started from Lava and Kusha entering into Raja Darbar in the kingdom of Shriram to sing Shriram Katha. Two children played role of Lava and Kusha, who sung Shriram Katha for which rest of the kids were acting as per roles delivered in the song.

Telugu Language

Our Geckos enacted for “The Story of Ekalavya and Dronacharya”. This was a story of a character Ekalavya, from the epic “The Mahabharata”. Ekalavya was hurt as archery guru Dronacharya rejected to teach archery to Ekalavya. However, Ekalavya didn’t give up his wish to master archery. Ekalavya made a statue of Drona, which he worshipped as his guru. Eventually, Ekalavya evolved as an archer greater than Drona’s best student Arjuna. Drona was surprised to know from Ekalavya that he himself was Ekalavya’s guru. As Ekalvya called Dronacharya his guru, Dronacharya asked for the right thumb of Ekalavya as Guru Dakshina. Ekalavya was aware that if he loses his right thumb, he will never be called as a great archer. Ekalavya did not hesitate; instead he offered his thumb to Drona. With this incident, Ekalavya was known for his faith and devotion towards his Guru.

French language

Geckos enacted the Cinderella story performing a role-play which was so impressive that all of us present there, imagined ourselves to be Cinderella. As language is not a barrier to understand the story, audience enjoyed the play.

In Summative Assessment, we focused on the central idea “Stories Inform Us”- through different ways of telling stories in different languages. The language integration helped us to inform audiences, as well as our Geckos about the values, morals and devotion towards their work by giving them pleasure through stories, which is our prime focal point of central idea. In languages, we picked only few genres with a certain value and importance- such as philosophical and ethical, through mythological stories accommodating a fantasy in the story.

Wonderful, isn’t it! Creativity clubbed with learning, imbibing values and ethics, with stories- Perfect way for kids to learn, grasp and retain concepts!!!!!! This innovative approach to learning accommodates each and every Gecko in the activity related to stories, enabling them to participate with enthusiasm, showcasing their skills.


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