Janmashtami a festival which commemorates the birth of Lord Krishna, was celebrated with great zest at Gaudium. All the little geckos of Pre primary sections came dressed in ethnic wear as Radha and Krishna.

The celebration started off with a mesmerizing dance on one of the Krishna’s songs, by the tiny tots of PP1. It was amazing to see our geckos dancing in rhythm, with complete coordination, expressions and enjoying themselves. Our pre-primary facilitators also performed a dance number for the kids with added colors to the celebration.

Following the dance, the geckos performed the favourite activity of Lord Krishna – Dahi -Handi by breaking the pots decorated beautifully and filled with candies. All the girls dressed up as Radha and boys as Krishna danced around the Dahi-Handis hung at the centre of the ground. Beautiful decorations and creative pots made the event more colourful. The kids had brought sweets, which they shared with each other.

This celebration not only taught the geckos to respect our culture and traditions but also enhanced their social skills.


Some highlights: