International Dot Day is celebrated across the globe every year on the 15th of September. The day signifies the celebration of the artist in us, creativity and a teacher-student relationship.  Peter H. Reynolds’s picture book ‘The Dot’ has not only been adored by children but has inspired lots of people worldwide. Many teachers use the story of The Dot in their classrooms to inspire and encourage their students to make a difference in their lives.

On 15 September 2009 a teacher named Terry Shay took the book ‘The Dot’ to his class and introduced it to his students. This simple introduction has turned into the ‘International Dot Day’ phenomenon. Every year on or around 15th September, a million people, students, teachers across the globe celebrate creativity, courage and collaboration.  After reading or listening to Vashti’s story all the students feel motivated and try to find their inner creative side.

The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Connecting dots’. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many of us to be away from our family and friends, hence, through this celebration of the International Dot Day, we connect with them in this very own unique way.

This celebration is all about making one’s mark and seeing where that can take us. At the Gaudium School, the students celebrated the ‘International Dot Day’ by making the mark, showing their creativity and connecting the dots not only with family and friends but with the entire world. The primary school geckos awaited the day with great enthusiasm. While the early year learners connected the dots and colours to make a mark, the 1st and 2nd Grade geckos did something very interesting on the occasion as they designed their own masks and gloves. The Grade 3 students wrote a message which they wanted to share with the entire world on this special day. The students of Grade 4 and 5 wanted to do something encouraging and hopeful and so they wrote a message which would encourage someone. It was a heartfelt activity done by all the geckos at the Gaudium as they enthusiastically exhibited their creativity at its very best. The best part to ponder is that they all were confident and ready to share and pass along the same encouragement and enthusiasm to others.

As said by, Pablo Picasso “Every Child is an Artist” seems to have truly come to life as the eager children at The Gaudium celebrated ‘International Dot Day’.


Some highlights: