India is one of the most diverse countries in the world comprising numerous religions, customs, traditions, cuisines, and languages. Hindi is one of the most prominent languages of India and as of 2001, there were approximately 26 crore native speakers of the language, which makes it one of the most widely spoken languages in the country. Hindi got an exalted status in India when on 14th September 1949, it was adopted as the official language of the country. Thus, 14th September began to be celebrated as Hindi Diwas. We celebrate Hindi Diwas with a lot of pride in our hearts as it is our national language and has given us our unique identity. The day is celebrated with massive enthusiasm all over the country especially in educational institutions and government offices. In today’s world, when people tend to forget their roots, Hindi Diwas plays a very significant role by propagating as well as promoting Hindi language and encouraging everyone to feel proud in speaking in this language. A splendid celebration was put up by the high school wing of The Gaudium School on 14th September 2020 to celebrate the day of the language Hindi, popularly known as Hindi Diwas. Being a virtual program, it was conducted during the morning assembly.

The eloquent event of Hindi Diwas was graced by Ms. Shalini Singh Hamilton, the Principal of CBSE and CAIE who addressed the teachers and the students on the importance of the day and why we should celebrate it. A dazzling dance program was performed by the geckos capturing the attention and mesmerizing everyone.  The celebration revelry continued with thought-provoking speeches, moving poem recitals by the geckos and also melodious singing performances. It was followed with the exhibit of artworks and posters which the students had created just for the occasion displaying their creative and crafty skills. The session was concluded with a very patriotic and eloquent speech by the high school Hindi teacher Varsha Singh who highlighted the national language of India- Hindi and how the language connects all of us Indians together and unites us. She also concluded the event with a vote of thanks.


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