World Suicide Prevention Day is observed on the 10th of September every year. It started in the year 2003 to prevent suicides under the International Association of Suicide Prevention in collaboration with World Health Organization and World Federation of Mental Health. According to the National Crime Records Bureau in the year 2019, 139,123 suicides were reported, as compared to 2018, which saw 134,516 suicides and 2017 which recorded 1,29,887 fatalities. Therefore, it is time for us to be aware of the signs and signals that we may come across when we meet people suffering from suicidal thoughts and ideas. It is high time for each one of us as teachers, parents and students to provide an ear to our near and dear ones who are suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts so that they can vent out their emotions.

So, keeping the importance of the day in mind the students of DP psychology had organised a short event with respect to the theme “Working together to prevent suicide”. The students organised affirmative activities to provide strategies to deal with suicidal thoughts. A chain activity was provided wherein all the DP students along with teachers participated to provide an impactful positive sentence with the lead sentence as “You will survive…”  to spread the beautiful message of one’s existence and meaning in life.

The session also influenced everyone to be aware of the signs and signals of suicidal thoughts and how they can reach out to mental health professionals and seek help making them aware of the importance of family, relatives and friends and that every success comes after thousands of failure no matter how big or small the struggle was one can always make a difference if he/she is determined and persistent. Therefore, life can be a jigsaw puzzle and we may break into pieces many times but we should not give up because we cannot buy another one.

Stay alive it is worth living because every life matters.