The Gaudium organized the Intertribal dance competition on 19th September for the Middle school to celebrate the season’s festival “Dussera &  Navarathri”. The competition showcases the tribes in two diverse performances the Dandiya and Garba Rass featured throughout India. The folk dances are usually performed in a group in colourful attire worn by the dancers with beautifully decorated bamboo sticks carried by them.  The program aims to develop students’ technical and artistic talents in dance and provide opportunities to explore the fork dance to achieve performances of the highest quality. On the day of the event the whole school participated in the celebration by dressing in ethnic wear and brought sweets to share with their friends and staff.  The teachers entertained our little kids by performing a short skit on the Victory of Rama over the Evil demon Ravana to depict the reason for behind the Dussera celebration that was enjoyed by all present.

The whole school gathered to see the wonderful dance performance by all four tribe members wearing colourful ethic wear with BIGGEST smiles. Griffins & Dragons preformed the Dandiya Raas while the Pegasus & Sphinx did the Garba Dance. Dance teacher Mr. Nandan, students and staff have put a lot of work into preparing high quality choreography. Geckos learned the traditional stance with some complicated fast paced which was rehearsed for weeks to perfect their performances.   They wowed our judges Mr. Sai Krishna (PYP dance Facilitator), Mrs. Padmavathi, Mrs. Teena Murthy. The panel judged each performance based on the movement sequences, synchronization, costume, expressions and formations in the dance sequence. Their decision for the winning tribe was incredibly difficult but the Dragons were awarded for Dandiya and The Sphinx was awarded for their performance of the Garba Rass.

In the end the staff and students joined hands in the Graba and Dandiya Ras to mark the cultural event. Our children participated with all the motivation, determination and expertise and had an opportunity to experience a fun exercise that is emotionally, mentally and physically satisfying. This occasion truly demonstrated the inclusive, creative and inspiring curriculum that we have at the Gaudium, moving the entire Gaudium family to tap their feet. Overwhelming thanks go to our awesomely outstanding team of staff who enjoyed this as much as the children.


Some beautiful moments: