‘I do I learn’ This is the concept that we are focused on and we want to give our geckos hands on experience, while being practical. Its the best way to learn and gain knowledge.  Theoretical knowledge can give guidelines however the practical knowledge can give exposure and enhance higher order thinking and learning. Field trips are one such kind of practical exposure that can be provided to the geckos which can help them relate to their topics.

Field trips are a journey by a group of people to a place away from their normal environment. Osman Sagar or Gandipet Lake is one of the main tourist attractions during monsoon season, locally in Hyderabad. Hence, we planned for a visit to Gandipet Lake. We started our journey by singing songs in the bus to make it fun and interesting. Once we reached Gandipet Lake all our geckos were enthralled by the scenery, the beauty of the lake and appreciated the creation and its natural form, they were amazed to see such a big land form surrounding this artificial lake that stores water for supplying to Hyderabad city. They initiated some discussions with their peers on ‘How can we preserve our natural resources?’. We took a long walk on the bridge and our geckos enjoyed the natural breeze and a magnificent exquisiteness of the long stretch of the water body. They also examined the birds around the lake and were mesmerized by the gorgeousness of the butterflies, the dragon flies, and all the plants surrounding them and also got pleasure from the green park that they were seated in, they all enjoyed the grassy land. All our geckos were seated in a big group and enjoyed the snacks under the tree with peers from other grades.

All good things come to an end so did our field trip, our geckos lined up exhibiting the attitude of being principled, and helped others who were looking out to get in to the line. On the way back they shared their experiences with geckos from other sections. Once we reached the school our geckos were fascinated to jot down all their experiences in the form of a reflection.


Some fun moments: