The first step towards change is awareness and the second step is acceptance. The Gaudium has organised a snake show presented by the “Friends of Snake Society”, as an initiative to bring awareness and conservation of various species of snakes. “The Friends of Snakes Society is a non-profit organization founded and registered under Society Registration Act by Late Shri. Rajkumar Kanuri.” They objective of the society is to protect, rescue and educate the community to have a have a harmonious relationship with snakes. A team of experts conducted the live demonstration of different kinds of snaked. They explained the role of snakes in the ecosystem and its benefits to the farmer. The Geckos had a great learning experience visually knowing the different kinds of snakes, their habitat, role in food chain, identifying the venomous and non-venomous types by looking at the distinct features. The show was informative because the geckos understood that majority of the snakes are harmless and it is the baseless fear and pre-conditioned inhibitions surrounding which marking snakes as evil creatures. It was educational as it created a general awareness on the response and reaction towards invasion of snake in human habitat, measures to follow after snake bite, /response to the bite and the various myths were debunked. The team discussed their role in rescuing, rehabilitation, conservation and importance of saving the snakes from poaching. The session ended with a Q and A where Geckos asked “how does and how long does it takes for the venom to spread?”


Some highlights: