Today’s day was a fantastic one for the geckos of grade 4 to grade 8. They went to see a cricket match between India and Bangladesh in Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Uppal.

The gates were choc-a-bloc with the viewers waiting for their entry to the stadium. The atmosphere in the crowd was electrifying.They have never witnessed so much of cheering and jeering at the same time. Supporters from both the sides were in abundance and were supporting their respective teams.The match started at the fixed time. There was a great hustle and bustle among the spectators. The players of the both teams played with great zing. The onlookers encouraged the players of both the teams. It was a great show of entertainment. People ran into a frenzy every time their  favorite player’s hit on the run resounded in the stadium. Every hit and missed shot was cheered.There was not a single dull moment during the entire game. Owing to its short span the geckos did not get too restless.

Seeing some of the cricket player legends live was an experience in itself. That, in their opinion is a priceless experience. they were so glad to have been there to witness it.

Facilitators: Sports Teachers & Home Room Teachers


Some exciting moments: