Don’t ignore child’s weakness but don’t overlook their strengths too.

Building on your child’s strengths is just as important when it comes to helping him succeed. By Understanding what your child’s strength you can encourage them to make most out of it. Praise from parents goes a long way towards encouraging self esteem. Observation plays a key role in understanding your child’s strength. Observe your child closely and find out what he or she is good at? What she or he enjoys doing? Which subject they excel?

Strengths are the activities, relationships and ways of learning that energize people. They are the inner qualities that make us feel most alive and because of that, they are the places where we have the potential to make our most meaningful contributions to life. Strengths are different than interests because strengths are innate and children will be drawn to them for their entire lives, while interests may be changing. When strengths and interests combine, children can develop passions. Strengths can be developed at a very early age with the help of parents. Let your children discover the interests, pay attention to the activity they choose. Expose your child to broad spectrum of experiences, make realistic expectations, and plan creative work together with your children. Your child may be natural on cricket field and genius in writing it’s up to you to help him or her find out where their strength lies. Helping your child trust their intuition and believe in their capabilities nourishes your child’s strength. Most importantly accept your child as he or she is ,encourage your child to identify his or her strength.