Celebrating Annual day provides an opportunity to showcase numerous talents and build on the spirit of togetherness. The Annual Production for Grade 1 was celebrated with great enthusiasm on the virtual platform.

This Theatre Production highlighted the importance of emotions that must be experienced and expressed, through the story of emotions, ‘ Navarasa’.

The performances included drama, songs by the choir group and dances. The narration by our Grade 1 narrators was expressive and supported the flow of the story very well. The story revolved around a monster Manragon who set out on a journey to look out for the emotions that escaped from his captivity. With the help of his detective friend Balvo and his assistants Dylo and Mylo he captured all the emotions one by one as they travelled through different places and came across various characters.  The story further revealed how each emotion is unique and different. Manragon decided to set them free after capturing them as he comes to a realization that a world without emotions is dull and lifeless.

The Annual Report was presented by Ms.Anjalika Sharma, IBPYP Principal that gave an overview of all the initiatives taken under the Five Developmental Pillars as well as the awards, achievements, and accolades we received this year. In addition to this, the report also emphasized on how we ensured learning through virtual platforms and how we are gearing up to prepare ourselves for the future as well.

The Master of ceremony for all the Grade 1 Annual Productions were the students from Grade 1 who exhibited excellent communication skills and displayed their confidence from the introduction to concluding the event with a vote of thanks.

Our students actively participated and enjoyed the learning process while preparing for the final production and all the teachers as well as the parents were a  constant pillar of support throughout this journey that helped us to put together everything.


Some highlights: