Playgroup geckos participated dynamically in the “HIDE AND SEEK” game and passionately wore the animal masks and enacted like them. Geckos were getting camouflaged in the classroom and enjoyed the maximum.Geckos explicitly demonstrated the characteristics of animals in the classroom. The activity was very captivating and prominent in every posture. children displayed the attitude “empathy” and articulated the same with the toy animals. Geckos superlatively reflected on our “animals” topic and exhibited the attributes of animals through enacting appropriately.They acquired enormous knowledge on animal behaviour by imitating the animals during ‘hide and seek’ game. Geckos have got familiarized to the peculiarity of different animals and their requisites to advantage their life. Children had a concrete understanding on characteristics of animals and this activity also inclined them to acquire vast information about different animals.


Coordinators: Playgroup Home Room Teachers


Some highlights of the event: