Geckos of Grade 4 under the transdisciplinary theme ” Shraing the Planet” are doing a unit on animals. The lines of Inquiry are “Reproduction in Animals” and      “ Animals and natal care”. The geckos visited a poultry farm in Kollur to inquire more on Hens, chicks and their rearing and caring. The geckos were guided and provided information that in the poultry farm they place the order for one day hatched chicks, which are then brought to this poultry farm and nurtured well. The poultry farm had a different setup for chicks with different age, like a small cozy place with dry glass on the floor and low lying feeders for 1to 10 day old chicks. They are given a special food called broiler pre starter crumbs and then for 10-25 days old chicks they provide different conditions and different food like broiler special which is then mixed with the ground maize seeds. Slowly as the chicks grow and become full fledged chicken at the 40 days from the age of 25 they feed on the FC special food mixed with ground corn in the ratio of 60:40. The chicks are vaccinated and given proper medication mixed in their feed. It was a great learning experience for geckos and they enjoyed their visit as it helped them in establishing connections with the theme.


Coordinator: Home Room Teacher


Some snaps from the trip: