Alfred Mercier had rightly said, “What we learn with pleasure, we never forget.” The geckos often get opportunities to be involved in some fun outside school and that too with their classmates. The fun usually include activities related to studies. Well, this time like every other year, Gaudium took the initiative to take the students on a fun yet interesting field trip to B M Birla Science Centre. The main motive of the field trip was to give the students a hands-on experience on interactive science – of how simple machines work.

The Grade 4 geckos boarded the school bus for their mid week fun learning. Arriving at the destination, they explored all the departments. At the beginning, the hands-on exhibits of perception interested them the most. They were eager to find out the scientific reasons behind an old lady looking young or vice versa and a parrot that is outside the cage seen as inside.

The Mechanics and the Electronics were the departments that led them to the topic of study – the simple machines. They understood how gears worked. Most importantly the students were allowed to experience to find out what a real gear felt like and how one gear could make the others move in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. This was the only place where they were not asked to stay together and follow their ‘essential agreements’. So, they walked around the departments like little wanderers and examined each and every single machine. When some were busy finding out how the pulley worked, others discovered the wheel and axle exhibits in other departments. The geckos were mischievous enough to take their fellow friends to the illusion department and pretend to throw their books into the well. Finding out the illusion behind how water was coming from heaven and discovering the actual reason behind it, left them awestruck. They found out how a pipe was attached to the tap and the water was flowing out from the upside down direction.

This field trip allowed the students to explore the unknown and see the unseen. Altogether, it was a joyful yet interesting trip for the geckos.


Some highlights: