PP2 geckos’ current topic of Unit of inquiry is ‘celebrations’. They have learned about different types of celebrations- family, national and international celebrations. To expand their knowledge on the local celebrations we invited our resource person, Mrs. Padmavathy and Mrs. Nivedita to speak about different local celebrations and what changes they have seen in the current celebrations. Guest speakers have become an important part of the educational experience for students. They expose students to real-world life experiences. Students get to see the insight and perspective of the guest speaker’s particular field. Our guest speaker discussed about different local celebrations where they explained in detail about bonalu and presented a PPT on the celebrations where they explained the elements of the celebrations. Geckos enjoyed learning about different celebrations. They displayed the profile of ‘inquirer’ by asking lot of question related to the topic. They were curious to know more about different local celebrations like bathukamma. Students were open-minded while learning about different local celebrations.

Students could build important connections between what they are learning and the real world.

Students have a chance to learn about celebration topic in a way that helps them get fully involved in the class and actively engage in a more approachable way of teaching.

Later they reflected on their learning by guest talk reflection.

Facilitators: Mrs. Padmavathy / Mrs. Nivedita


Some moments from the talk: