STEM is one of the unique programs we follow at The Gaudium that provides hands on experience of science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics to the young learners.

Being the UOI TOPIC  ‘Senses’ , Geckos of PP1 are learning about the importance of five sense organs  and their functions .PP1 FACILITATORS  integrated the unit of inquiry and STEM by organizing an event called  ‘I am  a Music Man’.

The geckos were super excited to prepare their own musical instrument as STEM helps the learners to choose, plan and create while performing any task. They made the musical instrument with different craft materials like ice cream sticks, rubber band and paper. They joined two ice cream sticks, put a piece of paper in the middle and tied it with a rubber band. Further they were guided to blow the instrument made by them to create sound because of the vibration. As soon as they heard the sound geckos were surprised and happy for inventing a new musical instrument .They became knowledgeable as they understood the function of ears and how sound origins .

Geckos enjoyed the event to the core as while making the musical instrument they were principled, enthusiastic and curious to show and tell everyone  that ‘I am a music man’ by showcasing their creativity .The event had been thoroughly enjoyed by our geckos as they learnt how to make a musical instrument.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


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