Grade 3 had a guest talk on classification of forces where Mr.Kalyan and Mrs.Padmaja were invited as a guest . They started the session with a simple push and pull activity to explain the geckos that force is ‘the effort we make or apply to move an object’. They helped the geckos to understand different types of force in depth. He demonstrated air resistance force through a parachute made by a polythene cover and used egg to explain the relation between weight and force. Electrostatic force was explained with the help of a balloon and a can, muscular force through a tug of war activity, gravitational force was shown using rings and candies, frictional force with different surfaces and a toy car, magnetic force by a puppet show using a magnet.

The geckos were curious and were enthusiastically participating in the session. By the end of the session they could understand the concept of contact and non- contact forces. Also, they wrote the reflection in their UOI journals.

Facilitators: Mr. Kalyan / Mrs. Padmaja


Some moments: