It’s not the strongest of the species
that survive, nor the most intelligent .
It;s the one that is the most adaptable
to change.

A student’s journey is full of change. From the day they first walk into the a hallowed school classrooms for the first time to the day they graduate, they experience change. They make new friends, learn new things, find new ways of communicating and expressing themselves, discover skills and capabilities which they otherwise did not know existed. They do all of this to excel, to come out on top – driven by the natural instinct to be better.

The geckos of Grade 2 at The Gaudium International School got the opportunity to know about ‘Adaption’ and resolving their doubts about how living things adapt for survival in a guest lecture session by Mrs. Mitali Joshi.

This interactive session started with a discussion on the meaning of Adaptation where children came up with their own definitions and thoughts.This was followed by an experiment by our guest Mrs Mitali Joshi. The experiment helped them categorize adaptations broadly as structural and behavioral.

It was a wonderful facilitated session which fueled the curiosity of the bright, developing minds.

Facilitator: Mrs. Mitali Joshi


Some highlights: