OBJECTIVE:   To give more knowledge on states of matter and an experience of science lab.

Science is a subject that creates wings of imagination in the young minds. It moves the thoughts out of the box and creates wonders around us. Our grade 2 geckos had a wonderful experience throughout this unit by having hands on experience. Pertaining to the topic, geckos got a chance to attend a guest lecture entitled ‘States of Matter- changes and behaviour’. This session was conducted by Mr Ram, science faculty – senior school. Kids were highly enthusiastic and were amazed by the happenings throughout the session. This session gave our geckos hands on experience on their current inquiry at the Senior school science lab. During the learning, they explored about the facts and function of a steam engine. They could learn higher order concepts and more about the unit with live experience of experiments. This class helped them in getting a deeper understanding of the topic which led the inquiry further. This guest lecture was a helpful platform for the geckos to learn, to recollect and to enjoy. The geckos were very enthusiastic during the lecture and the lecture was very well executed by the faculty.


Some highlights: