Learning Outcome: To showcase the skills that are focused on at the Gaudium along with academic excellence.

There is nothing more fun and satisfactory than relishing delicacies on a weekend. The fact that it is cooked by your children and flavoured with love makes the joy multiply. On 11 March, the Gaudium team organised a Mini Cook off promotional event at Aparna Cyber Zone to share the joy. This event served as a platform for parents and students to understand how we at The Gaudium encourage our geckos to be independent by teaching them life skills. Cooking is one of the most important skills and learning it at an early age makes one independent, adaptable and confident.

The venue was decorated with food carvings and sample dishes to set the right atmosphere. The kids between the age group of 3-14 years, divided into Junior- up to the age of 7- and Senior- between 8 and 14- chefs, participated in this event. The Junior Chefs made fruit smoothies and fruit salad while the seniors explored their culinary skills with pasta and sandwich. The ingredients and equipment were provided by the school’s kitchen, while the Chartwell team, along with their chef helped the kids prepare and present their dishes. The youngest chef was 3 years old and she created her dish independently and confidently. The children were well prepared for the event with their own recipes and presented it very professionally. The participation was overwhelming and multiple rounds had to be conducted to accommodate all the budding chefs. It was a tough call for the judges to choose the best among the various unique and delicious dishes. This event acted as a glimpse of the multitude of skills the children at Gaudium develop and the various activities they are capable of carrying out with these skills.


Some fun moments: