Learning Objective: Familiarising the geckos with different traits, behaviour and physical features of the bird.

As a part of UOI topic “Birds”, a beautiful Cockatiel visited our Playgroup class on 15th March 2018. Student of Nursery, Arhann Monil Shah, presented his pet Cockatiel named ‘Pochu’ to the class. Geckos were very excited to see the Cockatiel and enjoyed hearing the sounds of the birds. The geckos enjoyed watching the bird going upside down in the cage while few fed the Cockatiel with spinach leaves. The geckos identified the various colours on the Cockatiel and few also identified the black beak. They sang few rhymes like Chi, Chi, I am a lonely bird, Totahu main totahu, etc.

The geckos showed gratitude towards their friend by presenting a Thank You card to Arhann for bringing his Cockatiel to the school.


Some snaps: