The Geckos of Grade 4 had a guest lecture by Mrs. Rohini our HR Manager, pertaining to their current unit of inquiry organizations. Mrs. Rohini shared how organizations function and the importance of organizational structure in order to operate systematically and efficiently. She also explained them that every organization has an organized group of people, who are designated for a particular purpose and that every organization has a purpose for its existence.

She also shared how every organization has a goal and a vision to achieve. She further talked about the roles and responsibilities in an organization and how people play important role to make an organization successful. She enlightened the geckos about the hierarchy and how it differs in every organization. The geckos were informed about the hierarchical structure at The Gaudium School and gained knowledge about various designations that are a part of the organization. The geckos had an interactive session were Mrs. Rohini answered all the queries made by our geckos. The guest lecture was highly informative and has set the stage for the inquiry.

Learning Objective:

  • To understand the mission and vision of the organization.
  • Functioning of the organization (Work and Responsibility allocation).
  • Challenges and strategies build to address it.

Some highlights: