Graduation is a time to recollect warm memories of the past and start big dreams for the future”.  The academic year 2021 – 22 had been unforgettable in terms of getting accustomed to the new normal of the learning-teaching experience. The students and the teachers of “The Gaudium School”  worked diligently towards the PYP Exhibition, choosing issues, conducting the inquiry, connecting with the community, and taking action.

To celebrate this learning and completion of the PYP Exhibition, the students of Grade 5 graduated to the middle school on Friday, 22nd April 2022.

Our Director Ms. Kirthi Reddy, CEO  Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy, IB MYP/DP/CBSE/ CI Principal Ms. Shalini Singh Hamilton, and IB PYP Principal Ms.Anjalika Sharma motivated the students with their messages and felicitated them with graduation certificates.  The program began with the lighting of the lamp. The middle and high school students presented a medley of songs to welcome the PYP students. The grade 5 homeroom teachers shared the accomplishments of their students as they were awarded the graduation certificates. The ceremony culminated with a stellar dance performance by the middle school students followed by a vote of thanks.

It was a proud moment for all the stakeholders.


Some highlights: