Gratitude makes us appreciate and value our life as we thank everything that we have and everyone around us. Practicing gratitude everyday has potential benefits as it becomes a way of life and we begin to move away from negative thoughts to positive thinking.

To instill the sense of gratitude, which is one of our core values, we introduced our students to the idea of having a, ‘Gratitude Jar’. This personal Gratitude Jar is something our young students will have as their possession and will fill it daily by adding smileys and a small note for things they are grateful for.

Some of our facilitators too shared the Gratitude Jars made by them and expressed what they are thankful for in their life. Students shared their own Gratitude Jars with their peers during the circle time.

It’s a beautiful idea and a step towards noticing small efforts made by people around you, things we have and experiencing the joy of the good that has happened.


Some highlights: