Literature with its many genres has been entertaining and guiding mankind since time immemorial. Poetry, fiction, drama and its countless other forms have elements that appeal to the intellect as well as the emotion. As a tribute to literature, we at The Gaudium celebrated Literacy Day on Saturday, 07 July 2018. The day consisted of DEAR – Drop Everything And Read- which was enjoyed by the students and the staff alike. Dropping everything and delving into one’s favourite book is every reader’s dream and the half an hour of DEAR felt like a dream indeed with everyone lost in their books. This was followed by an Inter Tribe Competition in which the Geckos of 6th and 7th participated for an Elocution. They spoke about their favourite IB profiles and attitudes, telling the audience why they are important. The monologue competition which followed was a wonderful display of performance and creativity. The monologues varied from classics like the speeches of Mark Anthony and Portia to contemporary classics like Harry Potter and Jack Sparrow. Some of the students wrote their own monologues and performed them.

The judges were very impressed with the participation and presentation by the geckos. They applauded their effort and encouraged them to present their creativity through different forums. One of the judges shared her experience and gave geckos some tips on how to overcome stage fear. It was indeed an overwhelming experience and a great start for this academic year’s Inter Tribe competitions.

Learning Objective: To provide a platform for the geckos to explore their talent and build confidence to present themselves


Some highlights: